310B-1/3 Exciter




This instruction book has been written to assist in the installation, adjustment, operation and maintenance of the Collins Model 310B-1 and 3103-3 Exciter Units.

The Model 310B-1 Exciter is a versatile bandswitching exciter rated at 15 watts output on all amateur bands under 32 mc and can be used as a complete low power cw transmitter with the addition of suitable antenna tuning apparatus. The model 310B-3 is identical to the 310B-1 in all respects except that a built in antenna tuner has been added making it possible to load the exciter with almost any type of antenna. Provision is made in the 310B-1 for adding an antenna tuner at a later date, if such is desired.

The Model 310B has ample output to drive the new pentode type tubes to a kilowatt input. The units employ the Collins 70E-8 permeability tuned oscillator which has 2 linear tuning ranges of 1600 kc to 2000 kc. Its overall accuracy and stability is extremely good. Sixteen turns of the vernier dial are required to cover the tuning range.

The tube line-up is composed of a 6SJ7 variable frequency oscillator, three 6AG7 frequency multipliers and a 2E26 power amplifier. In addition a 6H6, a 5Z4 and a 5R4GY are used as rectifiers to furnish bias, low and high voltage power. The low voltage to the oscillator tube is regulated by a VR105 and a VR150. A type 6SL7GT is used as a sidetone oscillator to furnish an audio tone for monitoring the keying.

The 310B has separate multiplier and amplifier tuning controls, a POWER ON-OFF switch, an EMISSION switch with MO OFF, MO TEST, STAND BY, and SEND positions, a buffer BAND SWITCH, a METER switch for reading PLATE and GRID currents in the 2E26 stage, CW sidetone pitch and volume controls and a keying wave-form selector.


          310B-1                          310B-3
     310B-1 Complete with tubes      310B-3 Complete with tubes
     Set of PA Coils (4)*            Set of PA Coils (4)*
     Instruction Book                Set of Antenna Coils (2)
                                     Instruction Book

Frequency Range   - All amateur bands between 3.5 and 32 mc.
Frequency Control - Variable frequency oscillator with a type
                    70E-8 PTO.
     * 80M, 40M, 20M, 15-11-10M

Type of Emission  - CW only.
Nominal Output    - 15 watts on all bands.
Power Required    - Normal Power: 160 watts at 115v, 50/60 cps
                    Stand-By: 100 watts.
Output Impedance  - 310B-1 73 ohms nominal.

Tube Complement   - Oscillator - 1 6SJ7
                    Multipliers- 3 6AG7
                    Power Amp  - 1 2E26
                    Rectifiers - 1 6H6, 1 5R4GY, 1 5Z4
                    Regulators - 1 VR105, 1 VR150
                    Side Tone  - 1 6SL7GT

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